Stefan Striz

My Proud Story...

I am here for patients and their families and I will do everything possible to satisfy their needs and provide the best care. Every day brings new, challenging situations with opportunities to make a difference. As difficult and emotional as my role can be, it is most rewarding when I am able to comfort and help patients or family members during a very difficult time. Developing strong bonds with patients or family members has been most rewarding to me.

I was doing my rounds throughout the hospital and came to a room where a patient was in the last stage of her life and getting ready to be taken to Hospice House. Her three grieving daughters were in the room trying to have a conversation with their mother without any success. I asked them if there was something specific I could do for them. One of the daughters asked me where my accent was from and I told her that I was born in Slovakia. Turns out their mom was also born in Slovakia and gave me the name of the town. I was familiar with that town because there is a folk song referencing the town, Kapusany. One of the daughters asked me if I could speak to her mom in our native language. I started asking the patient a couple of questions, but she was not moving. Then I started to sing this song, “Ja parobek z Kapusan.” After a few lyrics she opened her eyes and gave me this amazing smile. This was such a wonderful experience; all three daughters hugged me, we all cried and shortly after, the patient was taken to St. Luke’s Hospice House. On my way home from work, I stopped at the Hospice House and visited the patient one more time. We all sang the same song together and the patient was able to open her eyes and smiled again. The next morning, when I came to work, I had a message on my voicemail that she passed away. It was incredibly gratifying to see this patient on her last day of her journey in this world. I also received a wonderful letter from the family thanking me for how I was able to make a real difference as they grieved.

Stefan Striz
Patient Representative
Hired in 2003