Mike Stagaard

My Proud Story...

Almost 20 years ago, I realized Warren was the place for me. There was something about Warren that was just different - I could sense it. It’s a caring spirit for each individual both professionally and personally. In my 20 years of service, I have had the privilege of providing and witnessing so many tremendous stories, but one stands out as an example of what we provide to our members. One afternoon two women walked into one of our fitness centers for a tour. As we were chatting, I began to focus my attention on one of the woman who starting describing some troubling health symptoms. Over the course of our conversation, it became clear to me that that she was suffering from unstable angina, so I encouraged her to head over to the emergency room for evaluation. One week later, I found out she had successful triple bypass surgery. When a new client asks me what sets us apart from other fitness centers, I am proud to share with them stories like this, experienced by myself or my staff. We are always in tune with our patients and we can connect them with specialists in the Network if need be - that’s truly what sets us apart.

Mike Stagaard
Director, Warren Campus, Sports and Fitness
Hired in 1997