Michelle Buddle

My Proud Story...

I have been a nurse for 25 years. It goes back when I was a child in kindergarten and I pretended to be a nurse. There are few things that a child remembers clearly, but perhaps I was so inspired by what a nurse does, that my passion continued. I really could not see myself doing anything else. I have embraced not just the career, but the passion. I believe that compassion is the core of health care. I could not have done this for so long and truly loved what I’ve done without that connection. I live my life to help others and perhaps through my example of my passion, I now have two of my children, Gabrielle (22) and Jesse (20) pursuing the same passion of nursing. I cannot say that there is just one example of how I have made a difference in a patient’s life. I hope that every day I make a difference. I am especially pleased to have become a part of the St Luke’s family. I am part of the community and feel a special connection to my community and serving their needs.

Michelle Buddle, RN
Registered Nurse
St. Luke’s Monroe Campus