Mary Whitsett

My Proud Story...

Years ago, Dr. Fedullo and I developed an ultrasound examination that has since become standard for almost all patients with thyroidectomy or have had their thyroids removed because of papillary thyroid cancer. This ultrasound examination is an easy way to assess lymph nodes in the necks of these patients, catching any recurrence of cancer.

I personally schedule each patient for this ultrasound; I give them my direct number and email address so that it guarantees that they get me every time. Over the years, I have developed friendships and relationships with all of these patients - I’ve been following one of my patients for over 20 years! I schedule them when or where it is convenient for them, often traveling to all of our campuses to make it easier for the patient. One of the physicians who started sending patients to me tells them that "only Mary can do your study!” When he has an especially troubling study, he will request that I do the patient's examination. Patients are so appreciative that I am able to screen them each year and they are reassured that they will have a quality study each and every time.

Mary Whitsett
Clinical Ultrasound Specialist, Bethlehem
Hired in 1999