Marisa DeBacco

My Proud Story...

My mom was diagnosed with gastric cancer that had spread to her lungs, liver and brain. She had all her care at St. Luke's and every person who came in contact with her was absolutely amazing; they became our family. My mom's battle came to a close in late October and she was admitted. If it weren't for the staff on that floor, I wouldn't have been able to work. My plan was to work as much as I could and then when it was time, take a leave of absence to be with her. Every day, I would run upstairs on a break and found the staff with my mom, caring for her like she was their own mom. She was never in pain and she was always comfortable. Finally, on November 1, it was time for Hospice House and also, time for me to leave work. Nurse Danielle sat and cried with my mom and me because we knew it would be soon. Danielle made me feel like my mom was the only patient on the floor. She stayed with us until transport took her to St. Luke’s Hospice House. My mom loved Hospice House so much that she hung on for eight days and then, finally, she took her final breaths. She was so relaxed; it was a beautiful moment. The two-year journey had been full of ups and downs, but St. Luke's was with us the entire way. I am so proud to be an employee of such a caring hospital. My mom was never a number. Each person on every floor and every building made her feel like she could beat this disease. Even in the end, when it was time to let go, she did it with such dignity and control. I am proud to say my mother was a patient and I am proud to say I am a part of this wonderful team.

Marisa DeBacco
Patient Care Assistant
Hired in 2015