Lucy Reagan

My Proud Story...

I wanted to share a happy day! I have clients who were referred to OCYS as they struggled with mental health, used drugs and alcohol to self-medicate. They had been homeless for the last 8 years and lost parental rights to their other five children. I had the opportunity to visit them in their first ever apartment, which was safe, clean and filled with sunlight. This allowed their healthy 10 month old son to crawl freely and play. Getting this family to build a trusting relationship with me was time consuming and sometimes frustrating, but this day was a day only for smiles. I was able to bring donated diapers, wipes, a sippy cup, a coat for mom, and a hand me down shower curtain too. From there, I went to the Child Advocacy Center to see one of my other clients graduate from that program after a tough 4.5 month wean from methadone. That family also just moved from a shelter to an apartment and donated gifts were delivered for all of seven of the kids and the parents too :). Christmas miracles for sure!!! I just wish I could provide safe housing for all of my clients that are struggling with poverty, but so happy to have a hand in any assistance we can provide for positive outcomes.

Lucy Reagan, BS, RN
Visiting Nurse Advocate for Children and Youth