Kelly Halvey

My Proud Story...

I remember when I was working on 3 South. The first month I was there, a nurse asked me if I could help to turn a patient and I said, “sure.” We went in the room and this beautiful young lady about 32 years old was dying. I remember seeing her 5-year-old daughter and the patient’s mom sitting next to her. The patient’s mom was telling her 32-year-old daughter, “Reach for the stars baby, its time reach for the stars.” Meanwhile, the patient’s 5-year-old daughter said, “No mommy no, you can’t reach for the stars without me.” Unfortunately, the patient passed away leaving a hysterical 5-year-old. The patient didn’t suffer, but the little girl clearly was. At that moment, I told myself that would see that little girl again to see how she was doing. Well, this little girl grew up to be a teenager and it turns out that she lives a block from me. I see her almost every day walking to school. The little girl turned out to be a wonderful young lady. Even after so many years, the father always thanks me for taking care of his wife. See, the stars do shine.

Kelly Halvey, CNA
Nursing Assistant
St. Luke’s Warren Campus