Jessica Woodhead

My Proud Story...

I entered the field of radiology because of my love of knowledge and learning and a fascination with how the human body works. Every day, I'm reminded just how much I love what I do, and not only because of all the interesting new cases. I love being a part of the diagnostic process in getting to the root of a patient's pain or problems, and then subsequently, being part of the follow-up care. Some days can be more somber than others, especially if a patient has a very poor prognosis, but I always try to help keep them comfortable and give them some peace of mind during a difficult time. I love helping people and although no one ever comes to a hospital just to say "hi" and tell us how great they feel, making each patient’s visit as pleasant as possible is a huge victory for me.

Jessica Woodhead
CT technologist, Allentown Radiology/CT
Hired in 2015