Janel DeGerolamo

My Proud Story...

For some people, going from nursing school to working in the emergency department would be intimidating. But for me, it taught me three very important communication skills that often give me the most pride in my job: a sense of touch, the power of silence and the value of teaching. In the emergency department, we often get very sick patients whose families often need time to grieve or process the recent events. In these moments, I learned how important it can be to sit in silence, or reach out a hand to the family or patient. Another thing I've learned to love in the ER is how great it feels to educate patients. Sitting down and talking with a patient, giving them the best answers or finding out the best solutions for them is so rewarding. Sometimes, it’s the simplest things in nursing that go the furthest, and give nurses the most pride in what we do!

Janel DeGerolamo
Registered Nurse, Anderson Campus, Emergency Department
Hired in 2015