Jacqueline A. Ahner

My Proud Story...

The primary reason why my health career began is in part due to my mother. She was a graduate of the St. Luke’s nursing program always holding her head high. As a child, she encouraged me to become a nurse. St Luke’s already had my heart and soul as I was born at Fountain Hill and grew to know the “hospital on the hill.” One day, I decided to pursue a degree in phlebotomy. I became a part of St Luke’s many years later. I was so very happy and elated to be a part of the St Luke’s family.

I know how important it is for patients when they come in for procedures to have them feel comfortable and unafraid. It is so very crucial to be an “ambassador of goodwill” for our patients. Listening, caring, showing empathy and sharing are a large part of being a member of this family. Integrity, pride and the desire to help all is also a large part of being an advocate at St Luke’s. When a patient arrives for lab work, hugs you and is glad to see you, that really shows pride. When a patient graciously smiles at you and thanks you, that shows respect. When a patient speaks to you with concern in their voice, and you calm them, that shows trust. All of this combined drives me to have both the integrity and the stamina to be a proud member of the St Luke’s family.

Jacqueline A. Ahner