Gail Evans

My Proud Story...

Asking people for money to support our hospital can definitely be a challenge; however, it can also be extremely rewarding when I can connect an individual to a cause they are passionate about or have had a personal experience with.

Not too long ago, I made a call to a former patient and asked if we could meet to talk about his experience at St. Luke's. He wasn't very encouraging in that initial conversation and asked me to just tell him what I wanted. When I explained to him that the purpose of the meeting was to get to know him and his interests, he finally agreed to schedule a time to meet.

When I walked into his office, I was prepared for the worst; however, after introducing ourselves, he opened up and shared his story with me. It was about his year-long struggle fighting and eventually beating cancer, how it impacted his family, his work life, his faith, and how he looks at life now that he's on the other side.

By the end of our visit, he decided to make a significant gift to our St. Luke's Cancer Center because, in his words, "your hospital and doctors saved my life." Leaving his office, I felt overwhelming grateful that I have the privilege of hearing firsthand how St. Luke's positively impacts the lives of our patients. This is what makes me get up every day to do what I do for St. Luke's.

Gail Evans
Associate Vice President, Development, Bethlehem
Hired in 2008