Francine Woodard

My Proud Story...

In April of 1999, I walked in the doors to medical oncology and my life has never been the same. Shortly after that, I met two different patients that would forever change my life. I ended up speaking with one or the other at least two to three times a week regarding their chemo treatments, their lab work or maybe just a follow up appointment. Prior to that patient hanging up, they would say "Thank You, Fran, every office needs someone like you." I would hear the gratitude in their voice, and, with that, I've raised it up a notch. Realizing that life isn't easy for a lot of us, but a caring voice and friendly face goes a long way. I hug each and every patient that sits at my desk because I know a hug goes a long way plus they are FREE. I've found my calling right here at St. Luke’s Medical Oncology and strive to do my best for our patients.

Francine Woodard
Medical Receptionist, Bethlehem, Medical Oncology
Hired in 1999