Erica Richter

My Proud Story...

I was caring for a patient who was declining steadily over a 3-day period. It was becoming clear that she would not recover and the family was discussing comfort care. The husband never left her side and would even sit in a chair beside her all night while holding her hand. When I worked my last shift of my stretch, the family was coming out to say their goodbyes and spend time with the patient. I decided to push the extra bed up next to my patient’s bed so the couple could spend what could have been their last night together. The husband and daughter were so touched. The husband spent the night snuggled up next to his wife enjoying every minute he was allowed to spend with her. Being able to make a difference in such a significant life event was an honor. Nursing isn’t always about healing someone physically. And it doesn’t even always involve the patients alone. Healing the soul and the families are just as important.

Erica Richter, RN
Registered Nurse
St. Luke’s Warren Campus