Eileen Wan

My Proud Story...

In 2010, I won the PCRAFT Award (pride, caring, respect, accountability, flexibility and teamwork) and was so proud of that accomplishment. I worked as the clinical coordinator for the PACU at St. Luke’s University Campus at the time. I will always remember that day. The Rewards and Recognition Committee came to the PACU singing ‘Celebration’ with a bunch of balloons and a huge St. Luke’s basket of goodies. I was shocked when they said it was for me. I had a patient recovering from surgery in the bay across from where I was sitting. The patient called me over and asked, “Did you win the Publisher’s Clearing House?” It was so beautiful, but I said no and that I had won something better. I went on to explain our PCRAFT Award process to him. I always wanted to be a nurse and the care for people and this was my opportunity to know that I make a difference!

Eileen Wan, MS, RN NE-BC
Director Quality Risk
St. Luke’s Anderson Campus