Corrie Holland

My Proud Story...

Years ago, I had taken care of a patient who was newly diagnosed with lung cancer. She responded to the news as any of us would, with tears and fear. I was her nurse two days right after she got the news and I supported her the best I could, helping her walk with a chest tube, encouraging her to be strong, assuring her that she could get through this and letting her know that someone was there for her. Months passed and one day I saw her in a grocery store. As soon as I got her attention, she started shouting loudly, thanking me and telling me that my encouragement had helped her get through that tough time in her life and ultimately get better. As she hugged me, I knew that I impacted her life in a big way and I had no idea I did until then. Moments like this are why I became a nurse - it was enormously rewarding.

Corrie Holland
Registered Nurse, Bethlehem, Short Stay Center
Hired in 2006