Christopher Ohocinski

My Proud Story...

My story with St. Luke’s started as an emergency technician a little over two years ago. Without a doubt, since then, these years have been the most productive and rewarding years of my entire life. I could sense the family environment from the first day on the job. As an aspiring physician assistant, I was so appreciative for the opportunity to work with such prestigious staff. The emergency room is home to some of the most compassionate and loving people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing, all of whom made me feel like I was right where I belonged. After seeing their devotion and dedication to emergency medicine, I made it my mission to hold myself to the same caliber.

Many of the employees at the Bethlehem campus share that same ritual of walking that long hallway from the parking deck. That walk is usually accompanied by mentally preparing oneself to save or assist patients through what could be the worst day of their entire lives. The weight of that reality is carried by every employee in the department and even under that pressure each patient is handled with as much care and understanding as humanly possible. If anyone has doubts that super humans are on this earth, they need only walk through the halls of the Bethlehem emergency department. I am forever grateful to the doctors, PAs and nurses there, many of whom have guided and assisted me with my goals of continuing my education in the medical field.

Through St. Luke’s, I was able to further my career as part of the sports medicine department. Leaving such a close knit family wasn’t easy and I do miss the bonds I made there. But now I’m a Nationally Certified Athletic Trainer with St. Luke’s Sports Medicine, the industry leader in the region. One of my most rewarding projects is establishing a sports medicine program at Francis Raub Middle School in Allentown. These kids have never had access to the medical services we provide, and I can tell they appreciate all we do. Recently I was able to be part of the opening of a brand new gym that St. Luke’s built in the school for the community.

I can’t thank the sports medicine management enough; they have made me feel right at home. They encourage me to continue reaching for goals, and making it almost impossible not to succeed. St. Luke’s is not just a place of employment for me. This close knit community is where I have grown as a professional, learned from the best and created lasting friendships.

Christopher Ohocinski
Athletic Trainer, LAT, ATC, EMT-B, Bethlehem, Sports Medicine
Hired in 2015