Candy Henick

My Proud Story...

Since Day 1, I have always had pride in working at St. Luke's Hospital. But a few years back, I encountered a woman that made that pride excel! At the time, I was a patient access educator and our uniform tops had the St. Luke's logo on them. I went Christmas shopping directly from work and while shopping, a woman approached me to ask if I worked for St Luke's. I emphatically responded "I sure do." She proceeded to tell me that her brother was in a severe auto accident and St. Luke's saved his life. She said that she absolutely loved St. Luke's staff from customer service to the doctors and nurses and that she would never go to any other hospital. These are the exact reasons I am extremely proud to work for St. Luke's. "We" as a whole go above and beyond for our patients and it is certainly recognized! I love how St. Luke’s employees work together to give our patients the best experience, not because they have to, but because they care.

Candy Henick
Coordinator, Patient Access/Finance
Hired in 2004