Brian Stauffer

My Proud Story...

I believe I was led to St. Luke's by the best of St. Luke's symbols, the star that's used as the apostrophe in the St. Luke's logo. It may sound crazy, but that's what I believe.

After being laid off from an IT job ten years ago, I was in a bit of shock since I had been with the company for 31 years, since I was 18 years old. Feeling daunted by finding a new job, I went on a series of interviews but nothing felt right. Until a friend mentioned that perhaps I should look into IT opportunities with St. Luke’s Hospital. So I submitted my application online, and eventually interviewed with an IT Manager who thought I might be a better fit for a different job within the Network. During my interview for that job, the manager asked me about what brought me to St. Luke's. Behind her on her office window was the St. Luke's window cling with the big bright apostrophe star, so I simply pointed to the star and said that's what brought me to St. Luke's. From there, we continued to talk, and I was offered the job soon after.

Brian Stauffer
Epic Analyst/Builder
Hired in 2008