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Today, more people are surviving cancer than at any time in our history, thanks to advancements in cancer treatments and technologies, ongoing cancer research, exceptional doctors and support staff, and the determination and positive attitudes shared by cancer survivors. Our St. Luke’s cancer survivors have agreed to share their personal accounts. Learn about their journey and how they beat it with the best at St. Luke’s Cancer Center.

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Nimisha Deb Nimisha Deb, MD

St. Luke’s Cancer Center

“My all-time favorite thing about my job is my patients. That’s what makes me come to work every day.” Originally planning to become an electrical engineer, Dr. Deb soon realized that she had a passion for helping people – and that she could translate her love of science and math into medicine. With more than 20 years’ experience, Dr. Deb ensures that St. Luke’s radiation oncology provides the best, most technologically-advanced therapies and treatments to our patients.


Lori Lori

York, PA

A kindergarten assistant from York, Pa., Lori’s travels two hours each way to see Dr. Agarwala and his team because they are the “melanoma experts.” With her disease stable, Lori can now focus on spending time with her family at their favorite place – the beach.

Veronica Veronica

Effort, Pa

“Throughout my cancer journey, I never really let cancer stop me from doing the things that I liked to do and Dr. Agarwala always made sure that I maintained a good quality of life along the way - it was important to him and to me.”


Dottie Dottie

Kutztown, PA

A nurse of 25 years, Dottie knew something was wrong. She’s worked with a lot of surgeons and doctors in her time, but found a true partner in Dr. Taylor. “He was honest and took his time with me. I trusted him.”

Nicholas Taylor, MD Nicholas Taylor, MD

St. Luke’s Cancer Center

Dr. Taylor's patients describe him in one word: caring. Aside from being a skilled surgeon and knowledgeable oncologist, he treats every patient like family. “They touch my life as much as I hope I touch theirs,” he says.

Janice Janice

Berks County, PA

Cancer took Janice by surprise. She did her research and consulted with doctors at St. Luke’s, as well as the University of Pennsylvania. Ultimately, she put her faith and trust in Dr. Taylor and the team at St. Luke’s.

Dr. Boulay Rick Boulay, MD

St. Luke’s Cancer Center

“As a clinician, you can practice cutting-edge medicine anywhere. Practicing in a culture that is patient-centric, understanding the needs of patients and their family is so important to getting the job done,” says Rick Boulay, MD. “You need both to do well, and I joined St. Luke’s specifically for that.”


Chrissie Chrissie

Center Valley, PA

When Chrissie was told she had breast cancer, she thought “Okay, this is my time. I need a plan.” Through grace, grit and a purely positive outlook, Chrissie fought Stage 3 breast cancer head on.

Lee B. Riley, M.D. Lee B. Riley, MD

St. Luke’s Cancer Center

The “founding father” of St. Luke’s Cancer Center, Dr. Lee Riley is that rare blend of clinical expert and passionate care provider. His patients are his focus and fighting cancer is his life’s work.

Sarah Sarah

Easton, PA

After losing both parents to cancer at an early age, Sarah decided to undergo testing for the cancer-causing BRCA gene. Not only was she BRCA positive, further testing showed she already had Stage 2 breast cancer at age 32.

Tricia A. Kelly, M.D. Tricia A. Kelly, MD

St. Luke’s Cancer Center

After completing a fellowship at the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Tricia Kelly could have practiced anywhere. Fortunately for us and her patients, she chose St. Luke’s for its commitment to quality, its physician-friendly environment and its accessible, patient-focused culture.