Insurance & Financial Support Insurance & Financial Support

Insurance & Financial Support

Treatment for cancer can bring about many financial changes and concerns. Treatment and medications are expensive – even with insurance. That is why the finance team is an important part of your care here at St. Luke’s Cancer Center. The same day your appointment is scheduled with our doctors, we are calling your insurance company to make sure that your care at the Cancer Center will be covered. You will be paired with an Oncology Financial Counselor who will financially guide you throughout the entire course of your care.

St. Luke’s Oncology Financial Counselors can support you in the following ways:

  • Assist you in enrolling in appropriate insurance plans if needed.
  • Help you to better understand your health benefits, provide assistance with questions about billing policies and statements, as well as explaining any personal balance you may currently owe.
  • Help you and your family to better understand what financial responsibilities you may have towards your treatment such as up-to-date deductible and co-pay information.
  • They will assist you in finding additional funds such as co-payment cards, foundation money to help lower the amount of money you may be responsible for paying.
  • Your financial counselor also works closely with the team that calls your insurance company to get the authorizations for your treatment.