Family Cancer Risk Evaluation Program

Family history, personal health factors, and certain genes can all contribute to an individual’s risk to develop cancer. Genetic counseling and testing can help clarify these risks and determine if medical management options such as increased screening, risk-reducing medications, and preventative surgeries might be beneficial. St. Luke's Family Cancer Risk Evaluation Program is available to individuals who are concerned they may be at increased risk to develop cancer based on their personal or family history.

What does the program involve?

At the initial education session, a certified genetic counselor will review the family history and draw a family tree. The genetic counselor with then discuss:

  • Basic genetics and hereditary cancer syndromes
  • Personalized cancer risks
  • General recommendations for screening and cancer risk management
  • The benefits and limitations of genetic testing for hereditary cancer risk
  • Legal and social concerns
  • Support and educational resources
  • The genetic testing process and insurance concerns

All of the above information can be presented in a group family session. Additional appointments may be necessary to discuss the results of genetic testing.

For more information regarding the St. Luke’s Family Cancer Risk Evaluation Program, please call 484-503-HOPE (4673).