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“Winningest Wrestler” In Boston University History Is New Community Wrestling Liaison For St. Luke’s Fitness & Sports Performance
November 22, 2015

Lehigh Valley, PA (11/20/2015)Nestor Taffur, the winningest wrestler in Boston University history, is new community wrestling liaison for St. Luke’s Fitness & Sports Performance.

Nestor Taffur 

Nestor Taffur

Taffur has a Bachelor of Science degree from Boston University in Management Studies-International Business and a Master’s degree in Administrative Studies-Multinational Commerce. He was most recently an assistant wrestling coach at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pa.

“Nestor will be a role model for the Lehigh Valley wrestling community,” said John Graham, Senior Director of Fitness & Sports Performance for St. Luke’s University Health Network. “We’re asking him to be committed to his sport, in his areas of expertise, and to support the local wrestling community. He’s going to excel in this role.”

Taffur will be working with wrestlers in the following areas: 

  • Instruction, mentoring, coaching, evaluation of and guidance in developing wrestlers’ skills and abilities.
  • Strength training and conditioning, including post-workout recovery.
  • Educating wrestlers about the college recruiting process and the importance of academics, including the NCAA Clearinghouse, SAT/ACT preparation and college transcripts.
  • Time management skills and balancing athletics and academics.
  • Positive social media interaction and community awareness.
  • Leadership skills and other essential life lessons, including responsibility, respect, physical health and working well with others.
  • Nutrition, including healthy ways to lose and gain weight.
  • Concussions, ways to prevent concussions and other injuries and the proper ways to rehabilitate injuries.

Taffur will also work with Graham to develop a wrestling “playbook,” a one-stop manual that will offer wrestlers information on everything they need to be successful.

“This is a great opportunity for me to make an impact on the Lehigh Valley wrestling community,” Taffur said about his new role. “Being a successful wrestler is about much more than just the on-the-mat part of wrestling. I’m excited about being a positive influence in their lives.”

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