Women’s Health

Vanessa and Dr. Karen Taverna-Miller

Vanessa is proud to be a three-time St. Luke’s mom. After the exceptional, life-saving care she received from St. Luke’s and Karen Taverna-Miller, MD, after her first son was born premature, Vanessa knew that she would never go anywhere else for her health and the health of her children.

From the start, Vanessa described Dr. Taverna-Miller’s care as more like a dear friend than just feeling like one of a long list of patients. “I like to think about how my friends and family would want to be treated,” says Dr. Taverna-Miller, of St. Luke’s Obstetrics & Gynecology Associates. “So when I walk into the exam room or a patient’s hospital room, it’s like catching up with a friend – that’s a big part of my care philosophy.”