Women’s Health

Management of Menopause

We provide women access to high-quality, general gynecologic care and a full compliment of gynecologic specialists through St. Luke’s University Health Network Women’s Services.

Menopause usually begins in mid-late 40’s and lasts about 4 years. The median age for menopause is 51. As menopause progresses, hormone levels are variable, leading to symptoms of hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal changes and difficulty sleeping. Treatment can include medications, such as estrogen and progestin, which have some increased health risks. Therefore, it is important to discuss treatment options with your physician, and use the lowest dose for the shortest time possible for moderate to severe symptom management. Other alternative treatment options exist, but there is little evidence to support proof of their effectiveness.

If you would like to find an OB/GYN to help you manage your menopausal symptoms, call St. Luke’s InfoLink toll-free at 1-866-STLUKES.