Priyanka Nellori, MD

Dr. Priyanka Nellori

Dr. Priyanka Nellori is an Obesity Medicine Specialist at St. Luke’s Weight Management Center.

Dr.Priyanka Nellori


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My goal is for my patients to develop resilience in their journey with obesity.”

– Dr. Priyanka Nellori

My care philosophy is deeply rooted in self-empowerment and fostering self-worth for my patients. I am passionate about equipping my patients with the knowledge of obesity as a chronic disease. We are on this journey together- we will work collaboratively to assist them in attaining their health goals.


Dr. Nellori is board-certified in internal and Obesity medicine and treats patients with obesity and the associated comorbidities.

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Internal Medicine Residency St. Agnes Hospital ; 2004 to 2007

Board Certified by the American board of obesity medicine and the American board of internal medicine