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St. Luke's Hospice Grief Support


Grief journeys are as unique as relationships

Grief is the natural response to a loss. Bereavement is the act of processing grief. Bereavement journeys are as unique as relationships. There is no formula to follow and no timetable to measure against. This is why we often feel alone in our grief. However, grieving individuals share common ground including a range of emotional reactions, dealing with well-meaning family and friends, and living through holidays and special occasions.

After the loss of a loved one, it is common to need support and understanding. Coping with the death of someone you love is difficult.

Hospice grief support and guidance is available at no cost for family members, caregivers and friends impacted by death, regardless of whether their loved one has died in our hospice program. Recognizing that we grieve as whole people, our services are holistic in approach to develop and practice lifelong coping strategies. Since everyone copes with loss in their own way, we offer a variety of services to our hospice families which include:

  • Monthly newsletters, Comfort for the Grieving Heart.
  • Time of Remembrance programs.
  • Support groups for adults to build a circle of support through sharing and presentations by our grief counselors.
  • Short term counseling for hospice families
  • Workshops and presentations responding to needs in our community.
  • A video library you can access 24/7. The 12 videos in the Video Library are 5 to 10 minutes long and cover a variety of topics common to people grieving. You can view them as often as you like as they are full of comforting and useful information about coping with loss.
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Want to Understand Your Grief?


Please refer to the Bereavement Newsletter for specific dates and locations for all bereavement programming, and information on how to register.


  • Structured Groups

    St. Luke’s Hospice Grief Support programs are a community resource to anyone dealing with grief issues.


    Good Grief Workshop: This workshop is an introduction to grief for adults who have a lost a loved one. This workshop provides education on the grief experience following the first few weeks and months after a death. We cover understanding common grief reactions, coping strategies, self-care throughout the grief process and beyond, and the uniqueness of your grief experience.

    Other workshop topics are scheduled throughout the year. Topics have included Grief and the Holidays, Supporting Children and Teens in Grief, and Grief and Family Dynamics. Watch our newsletter for other topics.

  • Community Wellness

    St. Luke's Hospice offers educational programs to individuals, businesses and agencies dealing with issues related to grief and change. We welcome inquiries on our educational and support programs to benefit community wellness.

    Times of Remembrance

    We offer a program called “Times of Remembrance” throughout the year and while they are conducted in houses of worship, they are not religious in nature. Instead, they offer us the opportunity to hold onto the value of each life, ad to bear witness to the legacies of each one, as we read each person’s name in a reflective setting, framed by words and music. Some attendees bring a photo of their loved one to share on our Photo Memorial Table.