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Indoor athletic field


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At St. Luke's, we'll help you achieve peak performance. Our facilities, catering to both individual athletes and the entire sports community, are more than just spaces—they're communities where athletes come together for expert guidance, we're dedicated to nurturing your athletic talents and achieving your goals.

St. Luke’s SportsPlex

Home of Pickleball Lehigh Valley

At over 75,000 sq ft, St. Luke’s SportsPlex is the East Coast's second largest pickleball facility. It offers 25 indoor pickleball courts including 12 NBA-quality hardwood, 12 designated hardcourt, and more–including a spacious 3-acre outdoor venue for hosting local and national tournaments. Beyond pickleball, the SportsPlex also supports a range of multi-sport activities.

People playing on a pickleball courts
St. Luke's Sports Center - Saquon Barkley Center for Excellence

St. Luke’s Sports Center – Saquon Barkley Center for Excellence

Located in Whitehall, St. Luke’s Sports Center houses the region’s largest indoor turf field. In 2022, NFL star Saquon Barkley, an alumnus of Whitehall Coplay High School, partnered with St. Luke’s to create the "Saquon Barkley Center for Excellence." This state-of-the-art facility, which includes a field house, serves as headquarters for the non-profit Michael Ann and Saquon Barkley Hope Foundation.

St. Luke's Fitness & Sports Performance Center - Union Boulevard

Take advantage of our remodeled facility, designed to benefit the local sports community. Here, you can collaborate with St. Luke’s physical therapists, athletic trainers, and orthopedic physicians on training, reconditioning, and injury prevention. Experience 25,000 sq ft of:

  • Indoor turf
  • Baseball and softball cages
  • Cutting-edge strength training spaces
  • Spectator areas
St. Luke's Sports Performance Center - Union Boulevard