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Senior Surgical Services Program

Senior Surgical Services Program

A Senior Care Surgery Coordinator (SCSC) works closely with the surgeon’s office, the operating room staff, the patient’s primary care physician and other health care professionals to guide older adults through the surgical process – before, during and after surgery.

The coordinator meets with the patient – and if available, his or her adult child, spouse or other support person – to carefully explain what’s involved with the surgery and the steps needed to prepare for the procedure. At that time, the SCSC performs a comprehensive assessment via the Pre-Operative Geriatric Assessment Tool (POGAT) that identifies the patient’s individual needs. Assessment areas include: cognitive (Mini-Cog), functional performance, gait and mobility, nutrition, medication/pain management and lastly, caregiver burden. The coordinator also conducts depression and frailty screenings.

A detailed plan of care (POC) tailored to each patient’s individual needs is developed from this assessment. To ensure the best care possible, the care plan is shared with different members of the health care team including primary care doctors, surgeons, anesthesiologist, nurses, therapists and hospital pharmacists. The SCSC serves as the patient’s point of contact, coordinating communication among the members of the healthcare team.

This program is available at St. Luke’s University Hospital – Bethlehem, St. Luke’s Upper Bucks Campus and Geisinger St. Luke's Hospital.

For more information, please call 484-526-4495.