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St. Luke’s University Hospital in Bethlehem features a Senior Emergency Room program to meet the special needs of emergency department patients who are 75 and older.

St. Luke’s Senior Emergency Room is not an actual room, but rather a specialized approach providing comprehensive emergency care that is tailored to the specific needs of older adults, and which is delivered by a team of specially-trained doctors, nurses and other experts.

St. Luke’s emergency department nurses with specialized geriatric training evaluate older patients. A risk assessment helps the treatment team determine next steps, such as physical therapy consults for fall risk, pharmacy for medication assessment and comprehensive geriatric consults. Case management also works with these patients and their caregivers to schedule follow-up appointments and provide other recommendations and resources.

Additionally, the emergency room has been designed and outfitted to meet the needs of older adults. Special features include:

  • environmentally friendly, subdued lighting
  • walls and anti-slip flooring with colors and patterns to enhance depth perception
  • handrails to assist with balance
  • lower beds

There are also volunteers with special carts stocked with comfort items for seniors.