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Comprehensive Geriatric Assessments

Center for Positive Aging

St. Luke’s provides a positive aging experience for older adults in our community through specialized services and care designed for seniors. We recognize that unique needs and challenges come with age. We’re here to help seniors and caregivers get the most out of life with a wealth of programs, classes and tools designed by geriatric specialists.

Our goal is to keep you or your loved one functioning at the highest emotional, social and physical level and to remain independent and in a familiar environment whenever possible.

Our specialists guide you on senior care and caregiver issues. We provide you with easy access to the information and community resources you need, including assisting with making appointments with social workers to further address any concerns or needs.

St. Luke’s Senior Care Associates is conveniently located at:

5445 Lanark Road
Suite 103
Center Valley, PA 18034

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Senior Assessment

An assessment can help diagnose and address problems so you or your loved one can enjoy a longer and higher quality life. The senior assessment will assist the healthcare team identify the patient’s physical, social and cognitive needs.

The assessment consists of:

  • Physical Examination – Includes walking and balance assessments. During the physical the social worker meets with the family, answering questions and addressing concerns.
  • Psychological Testing – Includes screenings for depression and memory loss.
  • Diagnostic Testing – Laboratory studies, MRI, x-rays may be ordered based on the patient’s needs.
  • Care Coordination – Team members review findings from the family physician and the assessment; a patient care plan is developed to meet your individual needs and will include identified problems and recommendations.
  • Cognitive Testing for Memory Loss
  • Identifying Chronic Medical Conditions and Age Related Conditions
  • Family Conference – Team members meet with the patient and the family to discuss findings and recommendations. A full medical report is sent to the family physician for review and follow-up.
  • Identifying Polypharmacy – the effects of taking multiple medications concurrently to manage coexisting health problems.

Medicare and most insurance plans cover our consultation services.


Seniors may also opt to have a Mindstreams Cognitive Health Assessment, an advanced scientific computerized evaluation. Mindtreams tests evaluate memory, executive function, attention, information processing, visual spatial, motor skills, and verbal function.

Results of the test enable physicians to assess cognitive deficits earlier in the disease state, before it has progressed too far, and begin an appropriate course of treatment. A full report is sent to your family physician.

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