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Treating eye and vision conditions

Highest Standard of Nursing Care

Nurses care - for everyone - when care is needed the most. Nurses help to bring new lives into the world. Nurses provide relief and comfort to the injured and ill of all ages. Nurses help mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons, daughters, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. Nurses are vital to health care.

The nurses at St. Luke's have a well-deserved reputation for providing excellent and compassionate care for more than 140 years. According to Carol Kuplen, Vice President and Senior Nurse Executive, "For many years, I have chosen to practice nursing at St. Luke's Hospital. In the course of that time, I have had the privilege of working with some of the most outstanding individuals I have encountered in my career. The high caliber of nursing care and genuine commitment to patients here at St. Luke's far surpasses that of other institutions. I feel truly privileged to work here with my fellow nurses and colleagues."

St Luke's University Health Network nurses practice in a premier environment and are recognized as expert providers of innovative, personalized and maximally safe patient care.

Career of Nursing

Nursing is an exciting career, not just a job. Combining compassion and problem solving with technology and patient care, nursing uniquely leaves a lasting impression on patients and families who rely on these skills. And, unlike many other professions, nursing is a field that has great growth potential.

Nurses at St. Luke's take advantage of the philosophy and programs that bring the nursing profession to its highest levels, including:

Quality and Safety Integrated into Clinical Practice

  • Never-ending culture of excellence
  • Multidisciplinary collaborative performance improvement teams
  • Active staff membership in organizational initiatives
  • Rapid response team initiative
  • Patient comfort rounds
  • Technological support of care
    • electronic documentation
    • physician order entry
    • automated medication dispensing cabinets
    • smart pumps
    • medication bar-coding

Commitment to Career and Professional Development

  • Mentoring and preceptor opportunities
  • Specialty internships such as critical care and perioperative programs
  • Support for certification and continuing education including tuition reimbursement, RN to BS program, scholarships, and flexible work schedules
  • Personalized performance based orientation
  • Multiple internal education offerings including operating room and trauma nurse courses, adult and pediatric advanced life support, neonatal resuscitation, chemotherapy, and annual cardiovascular symposium
  • Leadership forum series
  • Shared governance model at unit, entity and network level
  • Joint staff and faculty appointment opportunities
  • Evidence based nursing internship program
  • Annual RN survey to evaluate professional practice environment
  • Clinical Advancement program
  • Nursing Excellence Award program

Our Philosophy and Professional Practice Model

Commitment to safe, compassionate, quality, patient centered care.

Focus on:

  • Clinical autonomy
    • Participatory decision making
    • Community involvement
    • Professional leadership
    • Staff development
    • High job satisfaction
  • Transformational model of care
  • Professional contributions
    • Staff nurse driven research opportunities
    • Poster/Oral presentations
    • Journal publications
    • Professional organization membership

Advanced Practice Nurses

  • Network wide council
  • Specialty opportunities

As this century unfolds, health care is undergoing significant change. New knowledge and new skills improve the type and sophistication of available services. The communities we serve are growing and changing, and the quality of health care depends on skilled nurses who represent the rich diversity of cultures in Pennsylvania . Nurses are pivotal to providing the care that is needed and demanded in our communities. At St. Luke's, we are proud to be the forerunners of that higher quality standard.