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If you have an emergency, call 9-1-1 or go to the nearest emergency room.
Did you Know?

Since 1872, St. Luke's has been doing amazing things. From medical breakthroughs to national awards and accolades, St. Luke’s has been transforming medicine and reimagining care over the last 150 years as your local greater Lehigh Valley health care provider!

We've gathered some fast facts for you to share to help our community become more familiar with our Network.

We invite you to share the St. Luke’s Fast Facts below with your friends and family. Are you in the know?


Did you know?

That’s enough to fill Coca-Cola Park two times!

That’s more than the number of Baskin-Robbins™ ice cream flavors (31).

That’s more people than the population of Allentown (125,094), Bethlehem (77,617) and Easton (30,341) combined!

That's more than the number of colleges and universities in the Lehigh Valley (11).

That’s enough to fill close to 11 school buses!

Wow! One day with ExecuHealth is equivalent to 15 separate medical appointments.

That’s equivalent to 11 football fields!