Payel Girwarr

My Proud Story...

As a current biology/pre med student, I decided to work in healthcare while I was working on my degree. When I started out, I wasn't entirely sure what field I wanted to pursue so I thought that working at St. Luke’s would help me decide. Since that time, I have gotten to know so many people from all walks of life and every single one of my patients has touched my life in a profound way. I get to help and comfort people in their time of need. I once had a patient who was given some very difficult news so I stood by the family for 20 minutes just talking to them and being there for them. They appreciated this so much that any time a family member came to visit in the ER, they introduced me and told them how I made sure they were okay. Moments like that, when people are at their lowest point is when I am glad I do what I do. I make people smile, laugh and make their day even just the slightest bit better if possible. I want to be an OB-GYN and it's moments like this that make me proud and excited for my future as a doctor.

Payel Girwarr
Emergency Department Tech, Quakertown
Hired in 2016