James Seng

My Proud Story...

This fall, I will celebrate 32 years of sobriety. Throughout my journey, I’ve been shown the grace of people willing to offer a hand while sharing my story with others who struggle with the same afflictions. My career path has brought me to work at all levels of treatment - inpatient, outpatient, halfway house and inmates in a prison setting. I have loved every experience that connected me with patients and clients who struggle with mental illness and substance dependency and enabled me to pass my knowledge of care to others. I have been blessed to work in a hospital with health care professionals who share my passion and a health network that is dedicated to those communities that it serves. I would not trade one day of my journey because I have been strengthened by the difficult days as well as the good ones. I know that I will be able to say that I had a career well spent, in the service of those most in need.

James Seng
System Navigator, Warren Campus
Hired in 1994