Connie Kiessling

My Proud Story...

Several years ago, one of our patients was from a nursing home. Since she was scheduled for a study that would take close to 4 hours, her daughter had come to stay with her. The patient was on a stretcher and unable to speak. When lunch time came, I asked the daughter what her mother would like to eat. She said that her mother’s diet had to be pureed and was not something that she wanted us to worry about, so she would get dinner when she returned to the nursing home. However, the daughter did mention that her mother did like lollipops, and that would help keep her mouth moist while she was waiting. So I went to the gift shop and got her mother a lollipop. The joy on her mother’s face is the reason I love what I do. I returned to the gift shop for every flavor of lollipop that they had and sent them along with the patient’s daughter.

If I get to make one person’s face light up so that they are not worried about what testing they are having done, I consider it a successful day! The chance to take the fear away and help patients relax is such a simple thing but it can mean so much to the patient!

Connie Kiessling BS, CNMT, ARRT(N)
Lead Nuclear Medicine Technologist
St. Luke’s Warren Campus