Care Network

Enhancing Care

Organizational Structure

St. Luke’s Care Network enhances care by:

  • Aligning clinical guidelines with evidence-based standards.
  • Utilizing claims and medical record data to evaluate opportunities to improve health.
  • Identifying "high-risk" patients requiring a higher degree of care coordination, including those currently at risk and those likely to be at risk in the future.
  • Increasing patient education and engagement to better manage chronic disease and enhance patient wellness.

Examples Include:

  • Savings of over $179,000 in one health plan through a reduction of the prescribing of high-cost medications for which effective and safe alternative, lower cost options were available.
  • De-prescribing chronic proton pump inhibitors (anti-reflux medications) after six months of therapy to align with evidence-based medicine thereby reducing cost and the potential for medication side effects.
  • More frequent follow-up of patients with chronic conditions like uncontrolled diabetes and heart failure to reduce hospitalizations and emergency department visits.
  • Development of cross-continuum care plans for patients who frequently use unnecessary and duplicate services while increasing patient-centric chronic condition management.