Care Network


About Care Network

St. Luke’s Care Network has a common set of quality goals; supports physicians in evidence-based clinical care; and distributes incentive payments based on quality, efficiency and service.

St. Luke’s Care Network achieves results by:

  • Improving health through prevention and chronic disease management.
  • Using evidence-based protocols across the care continuum.
  • Measuring improvement against clinical protocols.
  • Engaging patients and their families through active, participatory care management.

Mission Statement:

St. Luke’s Care Network (SLCN) consists of primary/specialty care providers and facilities established to operate as a clinically integrated network. St. Luke’s Care Network will provide the highest quality health care, in the most efficient way, with the best patient experience, as measured by objective sources.

Vision Statement:

To provide the highest value health care in the region.

St. Luke’s Care Network includes a broad base of providers to care for patients across the ambulatory, acute and post-acute continuum.

St. Luke’s Care Network creates value and is positioned to be the provider of choice for health care services.

St. Luke’s Care Network is a network of private and St. Luke’s University Health Network (SLUHN) - employed primary care and specialty care practitioners.

Practices in St. Luke’s Care Network receive support for payor credentialing, facilitation of interdependence across providers and value-based contracts that may include pay-for-performance, shared savings and global payments.

Care management within St. Luke’s Care Network augments the care coordination in physician practices, from prevention through palliative care. Some examples include: closure of care gaps, chronic disease management and reduction of readmissions.

Performance management of quality and efficiency achieves the best success within value-based contracts. St. Luke’s Care Network identifies opportunities, builds protocols, and measures effectiveness.

Data analytics and reporting reaches across and supports all of the above functions of St. Luke’s Care Network.

For private physicians, St. Luke’s Care Network is an opportunity to participate in new reimbursement models while remaining independent practitioners.