Life Beyond Cancer Life Beyond Cancer

Life Beyond Cancer

Advances in early detection and more effective treatments have drastically improved the overall cancer survival rate for cancer patients, making survivorship an increasingly important aspect of cancer care. St. Luke’s offers a comprehensive survivorship program to better serve our patients after active treatment has been completed. Our survivorship program will help guide you in the following ways:

  • Review your own personal Survivorship Care Plan, which includes a summary of treatments that you received with contact information of your providers.
  • Review recommendations on how you will receive appropriate follow-up care, inlcuding cancer screening and surveillance schedules.
  • Educate you on potential long-term side effects of treatment and prevention strategies to minimize side effects.
  • Improve your quality of life by giving you both local and national programs that you can reach out to for support (emotional, practical and social).

If you have completed active cancer treatment which may have included surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, you are eligible to participate in St. Luke’s Survivorship Program.

For more information regarding St. Luke’s Survivorship Program, please call 484-503-4500.