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GSL Hospital 5th in World to Offer Revolutionary Deep Learning MRI Technology from GE Healthcare
April 10, 2023

Shelly Stellar, R.T(MR), foreground, and Sheila Mashack R.T.(R)(MR), background, man the controls of the Geisinger St. Luke's Revolutionary Deep Learning MRI Technology from GE Healthcare. Equipped with its deep-learning reconstruction technology algorithm, GE Healthcare’s Air Recon DL technology with MR30 software delivers enhanced clarity of images while reducing scan times for the comfort of patients. Geisinger St. Luke's Hospital is the fifth hospital in the world to offer this technology.

Building on the commitment of bringing specialty care close to home, Geisinger St. Luke’s Hospital in Orwigsburg recently made an investment in MRI imaging technology, becoming the fifth hospital in the world to offer GE Healthcare’s Air Recon DL technology with MR30 software.  This software with its revolutionary deep-learning reconstruction algorithm provides enhanced clarity of images while reducing scan times for the comfort of patients.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a type of diagnostic test that produces detailed images of nearly every structure and organ inside the body using strong magnets and radio waves as opposed to radiation.  These images provide extremely vital information to assist physicians with the diagnosis of complex medical conditions.

Air Recon DL’s deep learning algorithm combined with the latest MR30 software provides enhanced image clarity for both 2D and 3D MRI images and reduces the effects of motion on image quality.  Tina Freeman, MRI clinical specialist, St. Luke’s University Health Network, explained, “To better understand the technology, think of posing for a portrait.  To get the best picture we know to hold still.  Acquiring medical imaging is much the same, however, involuntary movement occurs within our bodies that we have no control over, such as the movement of the heart as it is beating or the movement of the stomach as you digest food. This advancement in technology helps to compensate for those involuntary movements to produce the clearest image possible.”

St. Luke’s radiologist and MRI Imaging Section Chief Yayone Rivaud, MD, of Progressive Physician Associates, continued, “Previously, if you increased image quality, you also increased the amount of time it took to acquire the images. With Air Recon DL and MR30 we can achieve improved quality images without increasing the length of time that a patient is being scanned. Air Recon enables our Geisinger St. Luke’s clinicians to make difficult diagnoses with even more confidence.”

“Geisinger St. Luke’s opened with the goal of providing exceptional care close to home. We are extremely excited that, through St. Luke’s partnership with GE Healthcare, we can bring this world-class, sophisticated technology to GSL for the benefit and convenience of our patients. We are alleviating the need for patients to travel outside of the community for specialized imaging, including prostate, breast, and cardiac MRI.”

Geisinger St. Luke’s is delighted to provide this advanced MRI technology to our community. For an appointment, please call Central Scheduling at 484-526-1000 and specify that you would like to have your exam performed at Geisinger St. Luke’s.