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Most Popular Baby Names of 2022 at SLUHN Hospitals
December 23, 2022

Each year around this time, the website names.org predicts the most popular names for babies born that year in the United States based on available, though incomplete, data from the Social Security Administration, which records all newborn names. But they have to wait until the SSA publishes its final, complete list in the spring that follows.


In 2022, like the previous several years, the most popular names will be Olivia, for the girl, and Liam, for the boy, predicts names.org, which draws its data from ssa.gov.


How closely do the baby names at the St. Luke’s hospital campuses this year follow this trend of popular names?  Read on to find out.


With only a few days remaining in this year, here’s the top female and male names, respectively, for babies born in 2022 at these three St. Luke’s hospitals where babies are delivered:


St. Luke’s Allentown Campus: Isabella and Elijah

St. Luke’s Anderson Campus: Olivia and Noah (closely followed by Liam)

St. Luke’s Upper Bucks Campus: Sadie and James


A century ago, in 1922, John and Mary were the top monikers given to kids born in the U.S, according to huffpost.com. There was no Olivia or Liam on the list of top names.


In future years, will we see a resurgence in popularity of traditional baby names from the last century? With the choice of names like James, Henry, Benjamin, Elizabeth, Charlotte and Anna, given to newborns at the St. Luke’s campuses this year, that appears to be possible.


To be sure, we’ll just have to wait and see.