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John Graham Picked to Help Shape Future of National Strength and Conditioning Association
July 12, 2022

John Graham, the Senior Network Administrator for Fitness & Sports Performance at St. Luke’s University Health Network, has been selected by his peers to help forge the next generation of leadership for the National Strength and Conditioning Association.


Graham, MS, ACSM EP-CCSCS,*D, RSCC*E, FNSCA, who has served as an adjunct professor at multiple colleges and universities, was voted to the Nomination Committee of the NSCA to help nominate the future leaders of the organization who will steer it forward.


“I’m thrilled,” said Graham, a Fellow of the NSCA who served as a member of the NSCA Board of Directors from 2001–2003 and served as Vice President in 2002 and Secretary/Treasurer in 2003.


“When you are voted into a leadership role like this by your peers, it means they recognize you for your professional contributions and achievements,” Graham said. “It is a highlight of my career to be recognized as such.”


Graham said the board seeks out former board members for placement on the Nomination Committee because of their first-hand knowledge of what it takes to lead the organization.


“I had been out of the leadership roles in the NSCA for a while because I was taking a break to focus on the other areas of my career,” Graham said, “but everyone felt it was a good time to bring me back and help with the growth of the organization, especially following COVID-19.”


Graham’s election to the Nomination Committee comes following a peak of career-long service to the NSCA. He served on the NSCA Certification Committee from 2010–2017 and as Chair from 2012–2017. He also served on the Conference and Education Committee from 1993–1993 and as Chair from 2004–2009.


Graham was the editor for the Exercise Technique Column in the NSCA Strength & Conditioning Journal from 2000–2011. He began serving as an associate editor for the NSCA Strength & Conditioning Journal in 2008, a position he still holds. 


Graham has authored or contributed to local, regional and national peer reviewed and lay publications on chronic conditions and disorders, health, fitness and sports performance. He has given local, regional, national and international presentations on chronic conditions and disorders, health, fitness and sports performance for several organizations. He coordinates, designs and implements exercise prescriptions for athletes, fitness, and populations with chronic conditions and disorders. He has been recognized by local, regional and national organizations for his contributions to fitness & sports performance.