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Neurosurgeons Early Adopters of New Pain Relief Technology
September 17, 2021

Chief of Neurosurgery, Doron Rabin, MD, holding the newly FDA-approved Medtronic VANTA SCS Recharge-Free Spinal Cord Stimulator.

St. Luke’s Center for Neuroscience has added yet another new, advanced-technology option to its robust menu of pain relief treatments for patients

Chief of Neurosurgery, Doron Rabin, MD, recently implanted the newly FDA-approved Medtronic VANTA SCS Recharge-Free Spinal Cord Stimulator in a patient with chronic pain. He is among an elite group of specialists introducing this innovative device to leading hospitals nationwide.

“In keeping with St. Luke’s University Health Network’s culture of offering patients the most up-to-date, effective technologies to provide the best outcomes and quality of life, we are pleased to add this new device, which will improve convenience for persons whose pain is managed through spinal cord stimulation,” says Dr. Rabin.   

After undergoing a successful spinal cord stimulator trial through St. Luke’s Spine & Pain Associates, the VANTA SCS Recharge-Free spinal cord stimulator can be implanted to manage chronic leg and back pain. This smart device, whose pulse signal delivery can be adjusted by its user through a small, cellphone-like controller, can accommodate the person’s level of pain or physical activity or body position.  

“This product is another example of how we work with patients to tailor treatments to individual needs based on lifestyle and individual wishes,” says Dr. Rabin.  

St. Luke’s neurosurgeons are early adopters of new, proven technology that benefits patients. They recently were first in Pennsylvania to insert radioactive squares, called GammaTile®, into the brain to control the regrowth of cancerous cells.