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Doctor and Patient Develop Deep Trust Through Five Pregnancies
June 25, 2021

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As a young woman Caitlin wasn’t entirely sure what she was looking for in a gynecologist, but when she met with OB/GYN Holli Warholic, MD, she immediately felt comfortable.  “Dr. Warholic was honest, up front and conversational, and treated me with respect,” explains Caitlin.

Since that first appointment, Caitlin and Dr. Warholic have forged a close relationship, with Caitlin entrusting  Dr. Warholic to deliver four of her children and supervising the delivery of a fifth.  Fortunately, all five of Caitlin’s deliveries were unremarkable, but they did happen quickly.  Caitlin appreciates how accessible and responsive Dr. Warholic was during each of those deliveries, and that she always acknowledges her feelings and wishes.  Caitlin did not want to spend more time waiting at the hospital prior to deliveries than necessary, and Dr. Warholic respected that wish.  “Dr. Warholic told me that I know my body best, and she trusted me to decide when I needed to go to the hospital,”  says Caitlin.  Happily, all five deliveries went smoothly – one at the Allentown Campus, three at the Bethlehem Campus, and most recently, one at St. Luke’s Women’s & Babies Pavilion at the Anderson Campus.

Like Dr. Warholic, the entire staff at St. Luke’s Riverside Women’s Healthcare is warm and welcoming.  Caitlin rarely has to wait to be seen and says the nurses are never in a bad mood.  While the staff may have grown over the years, many of the same individuals have been at the practice since Caitlin first started going to Riverside.  “When I go in there, it’s like catching up with friends.  When I’m not pregnant and spending less time in the office, I miss them,” admits Caitlin.

In addition to her kindness and personable demeanor, Dr. Warholic is extremely knowledgeable about women’s healthcare and Caitlin appreciates that.  “As a high school science teacher, I take comfort in her knowledge and her willingness to research issues if necessary,” Caitlin says.  “Dr. Warholic is also funny, kind and a genuinely nice person.  Whether you’ve known her for years or you are meeting her for the first time, she will make you comfortable and immediately put you ease.” 

Holli M. Warholic, DO, graduated from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.  She completed her internship and residency at St. Luke’s Hospital and Health Network (now St. Luke’s University Health Network).