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Robert Gayner Joins National Nephrology Group
September 23, 2020

Robert Gayner, MD FASN, a nephrologist with St. Luke’s Nephrology Associates and Chief of Nephrology for St. Luke’s University Health Network, has been asked to join the Nephrology Care Alliance Subcommittee and Quality Working Group for chronic kidney disease.

“The NCA Board is excited to have you join our efforts to promote nephrologist success in value-based care and improve outcomes for our patients,” read the letter to Dr. Gayner. “Joining NCA enables you to utilize data analytics combined with care coordination to better manage kidney disease, potentially slow kidney function decline, and more efficiently transition the patient to dialysis, if needed. Together we can transform kidney care to improve patient outcomes, help lower costs and enhance patients' lives.”


Dr. Gayner is a board-certified internist and nephrologist who treats patients with adult kidney disease and hypertension. He currently serves as Chief of Nephrology for St. Luke’s University Health Network and Vice President of Medical Affairs for St Luke’s University Hospital. He is a Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine at Temple University's School of Medicine.”

Dr. Gayner has published several articles related to the clinical care of patients with kidney disease. In addition, he is a fellow of the American Society of Nephrology and has received several teacher of the year and resident physician honoree awards.

“I have been at St. Luke’s University Health Network since 1992 and have found it to be the most caring and quality-oriented network I have worked in,” Dr. Gayner says. “The quality of care provided to our patients is of the upmost importance to our nephrology team.  We always strive to deliver the best care possible and to improve the health of our patients.”