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Pregnancy Sciatica Can Be a Pain in the…
May 18, 2017

Pregnancy sciatica, or the back, hip and pelvis aches and pains that some women feel during pregnancy, can be quite debilitating. The pain usually subsides post-pregnancy, but that's not much of a comfort for the women in the midst of it.

Shenali Abeysekera, MD 

Shenali Abeysekera, MD

Here is some advice from Shenali Abeysekera, MD at St. Luke's Riverside Women’s Healthcare:

Back pain is a common complaint amongst pregnant patients, especially during the second half of pregnancy. There are multiple things contributing to this including increased weight (on average 25-35 pounds during pregnancy), enlarged uterus, change in posture and changes in the spine. 

 The following can alleviate some of the pain:

  • avoid high heeled shoes
  • avoid standing or sitting for prolonged periods
  • look for a physical therapist specializing in women’s health - ours here at St. Luke's have helped many women with this issue 
  • try a belly band for extra support in the lower back and abdomen
  • avoid soft mattresses
  • sleep on your side with a body pillow in between your legs
  • apply heat/ice to painful areas
  • take Tylenol™ (do not exceed 4gm /24 hours)
  • if you are seated at work, make sure to get a comfortable chair and to sit with proper posture
  • when lifting heavy items, bend at your knees, not your back
  • when standing, put one leg up on a stool to stretch

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