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Know this: heart attacks in women may NOT look like what you’d expect.
January 17, 2017

You may have heard this before: a heart attack in a woman may not look or feel like the “classic” heart attack. So, what does it look and feel like?

The experts at St. Luke’s Heart and Vascular Center say that the most common symptom remains chest pain or discomfort, so don’t dismiss that feeling — it may appear as a squeezing feeling in the chest that lasts, or it may go away and come back. You may also (or independently) be short of breath, or sweat, even though you haven’t been doing anything. If you’ve been experiencing fatigue after just going through your usual day — and yet you can’t sleep at night — yes, that can be a symptom of a heart problem. Neck, back, and jaw pain, especially if it worsens when you’re working out, can be a symptom, as well as pain in your arms. In men, pain in the left arm is an indicator; in women, it can appear in either one. Unusual nausea or vomiting should raise a red flag for you as well.

It’s an odd collection of symptoms, right? You might be tempted to dismiss them, because they can indicate so many other things as well. But if you have been experiencing any of these signs, please pay attention. A visit to your doctor is in order. And if any of these symptoms last longer than five minutes, and is accompanied by chest pain, don’t wait — call 911.