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DaVita St. Luke’s Dialysis Center Adds Services, Moves Allentown Site
February 17, 2016

Allentown, PA (2/17/16) DaVita St. Luke’s Dialysis Center in Allentown announces a new easily-accessible location, a fresh, updated look and additional services for the care and convenience of kidney dialysis patients.
DaVita St. Luke’s Dialysis Center

DaVita St. Luke’s Dialysis Center

The interior of the new DaVita St. Luke’s Dialysis Center
offers kidney hemodialysis patients a comfortable
and soothing environment. The new site is a 10,000
square foot facility located at 1901 Hamilton Street,
Allentown, and houses separate areas for adults with
chronic kidney failure for in-center hemodialysis and
an area dedicated for adult home modality education.

DaVita St. Luke’s Dialysis Center is a 10,000 square foot facility located at 1901 Hamilton Street, Allentown and houses separate areas for adults with chronic kidney failure for in-center hemodialysis and an area dedicated for adult Home modality education. Formerly, St. Luke’s offered hemodialysis for chronic adult patients at St. Luke’s Allentown Campus at 1736 Hamilton St. With the center’s expanded floor plan, adult hemodialysis chairs increased four to 12 at the new site, this change provides additional access and availability for patients needing this service. The new, larger clinic offers wood finishes, soothing colors and a comfortable environment for treatment. The Home dialysis unit offers training in a home-like setting for adult patients who wish to dialysis in the comfort of their own home, providing greater flexibility to fit their lifestyle.

In addition, DaVita St. Luke’s now offers Home dialysis services for adult patients to increase access to dialysis services and provide greater flexibility to patients.

“Many patients are choosing Home options – either Peritoneal Dialysis or Home Hemodialysis,” said Robert S. Gayner, MD, Chief of Nephrology, St. Luke’s University Health Network. “Dialyzing for shorter treatment times, several times each week in the convenience of the Home allows patients to feel better and to improve control of blood pressure and many other abnormalities associated with kidney failure.”

Home hemodialysis and PD can be done overnight, allowing the patient to continue working, spend more time with family and other daily activities, said Dr. Gayner.
“Home dialysis units are convenient and mobile allowing patients the option to travel away from Home,” explained Dr. Gayner. “Patients are able to board a plane with a carry-on dialysis unit, and supplies are shipped anywhere the patient will be located, such as vacation rentals, hotels and cruise ships! With this type of option, renal patients may enjoy the quality of life others without kidney failure experience.”

Each DaVita St. Luke’s Dialysis Center patient, whether undergoing Home dialysis or in-center, is closely monitored by the staff through monthly doctor visits and lab work. The patients have access to nephrologists with a 24 hour call system and weekly visits by the nurses for Home PD or hemodialysis patients.

The Allentown center commenced with a ribbon cutting ceremony held on Tuesday, February 16 at the new DaVita St. Luke’s Dialysis Center in Allentown.

About Kidneys and Kidney Disease

Kidneys are the body’s filtering system to eliminate wastes through urine and to control water levels. Kidneys help to regulate blood pressure, aid red blood cell production and maintain levels of calcium and minerals in the blood.

About DaVita St. Luke’s Dialysis Centers

St. Luke’s University Health Network, through a joint venture with DaVita Healthcare Partners, Inc., provides patients with end-stage kidney disease specialized dialysis care at several convenient locations throughout the region, with plans to expand its Whitehall location in the coming months. DaVita HealthCare Partners is a leading independent provider of integrated health and kidney care services in the United States. DaVita strives to improve patients' quality of life through innovative clinical care, integrated treatment plans, personalized care teams and convenient health-management services. To learn more about DaVita, visit http://www.DaVita.com/.

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