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Visions of Hope Art Exhibition at St. Luke’s Cancer Center – Anderson Campus
October 01, 2015

Local artist and cancer survivor Susan Schaffer displayed her Visions of Hope exhibition at the St. Luke’s Cancer Center at the Anderson Campus in Bethlehem Township in November. Susan’s inspiration to paint came from her own battle with breast cancer more than 10 years ago. The inspiration for her exhibit came from local cancer patients who were willing to share their cancer journeys with her.

“I was honored and humbled by each of the journeys shared with me. There were tears, there was some laughter, but most of all, there was camaraderie of knowing the experience of going through a cancer journey,” says Susan.

What Susan found during her interviews was that the word ‘hope’ was a common thread among the participants. The physical and mental battles associated with cancer are fought with the spirit of hope. “At times,” says Susan, “hope is the only word cancer patients have to lean on.”

If you missed the exhibit, please view the gallery here, or watch the video from a special reception at the St. Luke’s Cancer Center.