Multiple Bills Notice

Because of a billing statement processing error, some St. Luke’s patients are receiving multiple / duplicate patient statements or letters. We have identified the patients affected by this error and are working on a remediation plan; you will not be responsible for repetitious charges. If you have questions about your bills please call 484-526-3150 or 800-218-7359.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Pay Your Bill Online

St. Luke’s has consolidated most of its billing systems to offer you an easy and secure method for paying bills online.

As a St. Luke’s patient, you now have the ability to pay your bills online in one location. Our new Bill Pay portal allows you to manage your healthcare bills at the touch of your fingers 7 days a week / 24 hours a day!

*General Information: This statement represents Hospital charges and Professional (Physician) services that are associated with St. Luke’s Physician Group (SLPG). There may be other Professional services that are not part of the SLPG that will not be included and will be billed separately. For your convenience. We are listing the telephone numbers from some of the professional bills you may receive.

  • Progressive Physician Associates (Radiology Service): (800)-841-4236
  • Emergency Physician Specialists: (877)-969-4069
  • Anesthesia Specialists of Bethlehem, PC and Anesthesia Specialists of Warren. LLC.: (800)-222-1442