St. Luke’s Center for Urology

St. Luke’s Center for Urology offers cryotherapy for both prostate and kidney cancer, a relatively new, yet well-established approach to the treatment of these malignancies. It is also one of the most minimally invasive approaches available. The therapy involves very little discomfort and can be performed as outpatient surgery in the hospital or as an overnight observational stay. Cryotherapy is FDA approved, approved by all insurances.

Prostate Cancer Treatment
Cryotherapy for prostate cancer is used both for primary (first time) treatment and for patients who have recurrence cancer after radiation therapy. The patient is discharged the same day with a urinary catheter, which is generally worn for five days, then removed in the office.

Kidney Cancer Treatment
Cryotherapy is now being used to freeze, and thus kill, small kidney tumors. Little to no discomfort is involved. The patient is kept overnight for observation. Risks include bleeding, infection and damage to adjacent organs of other kidney structures.